QuantOCancer ERA Chair @ Champalimaud Foundation

QuantOCancer aims to cement the reputation of the Champalimaud Foundation

as a world-leading fundamental and translational research centre. 

Our scientific discoveries illuminate healthy-living systems and major ageing-related pathologies with significant social and economic burden: brain disorders and cancer.

The primary pillar of QuantOCancer - attracting and retaining an outstanding researcher and research manager (the “ERA Chair holder”) to incept a quantitative biomedicine research programme focused on cancer - will bridge and transform the three main research operations at CCU (Neurosciences, Physiology and Cancer and Experimental Clinical Research) and root an effective bridge between research excellence and onsite clinical practice.

The second pillar of QuantOCancer will fully unlock the potential of the institute, the Lisbon region and Portugal through the implementation of an additional set of measures, geared towards: Capacity building (expansion of the research programme, advanced training opportunities); Institutional development and structural change (further exploration of the installed research and technology capacity, HR and Equity, Inclusion and Diversity strategies); Intersectoral and international partnership activities, bolstering a Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) culture.

Beyond increasing the attractiveness of the Lisbon region for internationally excellent and mobile researchers in line with ERA priorities, QuantOCancer will synergise with existing regional, national and international initiatives to maximise value and impact on health, demographic change and wellbeing challenges and international policy.

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