QuantOCancer ERA Chair @ Champalimaud Foundation

Synergies and Impact

QuantOCancer will build research capacity at the Champalimaud Foundation and increase the attractiveness of the Lisbon region to international researchers, but overall project impacts are expected far beyond this: on research infrastructures and initiatives, on future health challenges and on international policy. 

Added value to existing (and future) regional, national and international initiatives

Through the establishment of alliances between QuantOCancer and regional, national and international initiatives, a maximisation of resources will be achieved. For example, QuantOCancer will synergise with existing national research infrastructures (including CONGENTOBiodata.pt and Portuguese Platform for Bioimaging (PPBI)) and European initiatives (including clinical and translational projects - UM-CURE 2020BOUNCE), H2020 MSCA Innovative Training Networks (ITNs) such as ELBA, and European Research Council (ERC) grants. The cementing and expansion of networks of collaborations will be key in increasing capabilities to secure internationally competitive funding.  

Consortium of Genetically Tractable Organisms

CF Contacts: Rui Costa, João Cruz

Portuguese Biological Data Network

 CF Contact: Pedro Garcia da Silva

Portuguese Platform for Bioimaging

CF Contact: Davide Accardi 

Predicting effective adaptation to breast cancer to help women to BOUNCE back

CF Contacts: Fatima Cardoso, Berta Sousa

New therapies for uveal melanoma

CF Contact: Antonio Parreira

European Liquid Biopsies Academy 

CF Contact: Bruno Costa-Silva

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