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CR Early Stage Researchers (students and post-docs)

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CR Support and Platform Staff

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International and Intersectoral Collaboration

This WP will effectively involve the community in international collaborative R&D+I initiatives and expand intersectoral capacity through sustainable interactions with non-academic stakeholders.

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) - RESEARCH AND SOCIETY

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is an approach ensuring that potential implications and societal expectations are considered throughout the research and innovation process, in order to best meet societal challenges. At CF we will incept an RRI culture aiming to empower the research (and research support) community with transversal skills and competences that are key for conducting better research and innovation, in academia and beyond.

Several RRI events will be held at CF over the course of the project, focused on the internal research community (and support structures) and open to the participation of regional, national and international community.

These events will aim to better ensure:

  • integration of gender and ethics in research
  • easy access to research outcomes (open science)
  • engagement with society
  • encouragement for formal and informal science education.

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